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Marketplace for personal and professional growth services.

People today often find themselves disconnected from real life, without relevant challenges that could propel them towards their fullest potential. No access to valuable wisdom, generated through the experience gained from the people who inspire them, leads to meaningless professional and personal journeys. Our solution is a marketplace specialized in normal people offering services of any kind that can bring value to customers. For example, as a technical person, I could offer a 1:1 physical session with a person looking to expand his technical horizon, where he is now, what to do from now on, etc. The main focus of the marketplace is business-oriented services, like having a 1:1 physical session with a CEO of a successful company which can analyze your start-up and then offer you valuable advice on what to do next in your journey. Another case could be a salesperson that is very good at what he does and then he puts a package on our platform where anyone can see it and buy it if they think it’s valuable for them.

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