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Workflow control app with employee management & on-site time tracking options.

Ality is the most efficient and secure way to manage your company’s workflow, optimise your employees’ capacity on projects and facilitate team communication and problem solving in real time.

Time management

Manage each project team fast and easy, have an overview of all live projects in real-time (by progress, by hours spent per project and by employee), as well as visibility of the problems identified/solved by each team member. Employee time-tracking is done through the Check-In / Check-Out and 2FA (two-factor authentication) functions, which require users to scan a QR code. Time-tracking is carried out for both office and remote work settings, and for field-based employees we are currently working on developing a geolocation feature.

Planning & Organization

Ality is helpful in many ways: it allows you to set up a daily schedule for your users and it also allows you to manage your team’s holiday. What’s great about Ality is how your work is visible to all, transparently. Your activity can be managed by adding in projects (with a start/completion date), adding tasks within the project, and allocating them to specific team members. Ality also provides complex activity reports for efficient team and project management and resource optimisation.


Team members are always connected, able to interact with each other via, in an end-to-end encrypted environment. The chat function is ideal for quick exchanges, project-specific problem solving, and for general announcements. The Ality chat room supports both text and images. The meeting reminder feature helps team members keep track of the upcoming meetings and improves timeliness, preparedness, and attendance across teams.

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